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The best country for COFFEE LOVERS: Ethiopia


Italy is usually regarded as a coffee paradise (especially Rome) and London and Paris are the runners-up as the centres of coffee drinking.
But let me tell you something: people are wrong! There’s no better country for coffee lovers other than Ethiopia! First it’s the cradle of coffee and one of the biggest world exporters of coffee. Second, wherever you go while travelling in Ethiopia, be it a nice cafe or a dilapitaded bar in a small village off the beaten track, you’re likely to get a very good cup of coffee.
Why don’t people know it?
It’s simple: Ethiopia is not a very touristy country, but if you go there I’m sure this is the coffee you’ll fall for!

The best country for FOODIES: Singapore

Obraz 1515Singapore is a very small country with extremely varied cuisine. What kind of cuisine is Singaporean cuisine? Well, it’s simply the cuisine you find there, all the cuisines that were brought by people from different part of Asia or the whole world. It’s said food is a common topic of conversation, a hobby or even a national obsession.
When I arrived in Singapore during my Asian travels and entered the very first hawker’s centre I was overwhelmed – I was starving but what was there in front of my eyes fascinated my se much that the moved from one stall to the other staring at food instead of buying it.
I stayed there just for a few days and every day I ate six meals – something that had never happened to me before, something that has never happened since then.

The best country for SPOTTING WILD ANIMALS: Tanzania

DSC06666Thousands of animals in 16 national parks!
Chance of seeing the Big Five (lion, elephant, buffalo, rhino and leopard – the animals traditionally regarded as the most difficult to hunt)!
Safari means ‘journey’ in swahili and this is the feeling: no matter how long your safari trip is, you feel it’s the epic journey of your life, the one that you’ll remember long.


The best country for STUDYING SPANISH: Guatemala

IMG_2859For about 450 million people Spanish is a native language which makes it the second most popular language is the world used by the native speakers (Chinese is the first one). In 21 countries Spanish is the official or first language of people.
If you know Spanish,travelling in Latin America will be much easier and much more rewarding. Spend at least a week in one of the towns of Guatemala studying Spanish – it’s one of the most popular countries among Spanish learners and there’s reason for that: it’s cheap, the classes are individual and it has a long tradition of teaching Spanish to foreigners, so teachers are used to learning beginners. One-to-one classes adjust to your needs and living with a local family forces you to practise all the time.

The best country for HISTORY BUFFS: Israel

Ściana PłaczuWhen you walk in the narrow dark streets of the Old City of Jerusalem you feel like you’ve moved hundreds years back in time. The crowds of tourists might be discouraging, but there’s a reason why they’re here. The city is not just for religious pilgrims, tourists of all beliefs will be fascinated discovering the streets bustling with life, underground tunnels or temples hidden in the alleys.
Before I went to Israel I thought I knew nothing about the country, but then, when I got there I discovered that I read so much about those places, I saw so many films, and the stories I remember are not only biblical ones.

The best country for LANDSCAPE ADMIRERS: Norway

NorwegiaIf you think about population density you’ll find Norway in the last 50 of about 250 countries/ territories which means that other tourists are not likely to interrupt your admiration of breathtaking views.
I remember one day when we stayed at a big campsite – it was surprising how quiet it was with so many people around. Beautiful forests, fjords, snow covered peaks, emerald lakes… if you visit Norway you’ll want to go.


The best country for first-timers to exotic tourism: Thailand

Obraz 231“For your first faraway exotic holiday go to Thailand.” – that’s what I heard before I went futher than Europe. It turned out be a very good piece of advice and this is now what I keep telling people who ask me.
Many regions of Thailand are very touristy, no doubt about it, but it’s a perfect country for first-timers! Good tourism infrastructure, quite cheap, delicious spicy Thai food, amazing historical building, white beaches and colourful underwater life – just go and see it for yourself!

  • Of these countries, I’ve only been to Guatemala and would love to go back to learn Spanish there. I had only few day there and ended up being on the road most of the time, trying to see as much as possible… now I’d love to stay put for a while and really understand a bit more of this amazing country!

  • I would never have thought of Singapore for the best food. I’ll have to add it to my list. I loved Israel and Tanzania and agree with you on those two. I’ll have to test the other ones out to see for myself. :)

  • Oh no – I have a pretty good feeling about my travel bucket list till I came across this article. I might put New Zealand in stead of Norway for the landscapes, but for the rest: I love how you created this list. I see some Singapore (didn’t associated it with food, thanks for pointing that out) and some Thailand in my future… and then all the others.

  • Great list! I agree that Tanzania is the absolute best for wildlife, from the Serengeti for the BIg Five to Lake Tanganyika for Chimps to the coast for marine life, can’t be beat! I’m starting to look into a family trip to Guatemala and would love to study Spanish while we’re there. Have you experienced that? Would love to know more!

    • Yes, I learnt Spanish in Xela, Guatemala – quite cheap, good school, perferct place to learn (not too many tourists, things to see around) – I highly recommend it!

  • Guatemala is on my list to study Spanish and do a cultural immersion program. I hope to do that sometime soon.

  • Great list! I couldn’t agree more with the choices history buffs, wildlife and first time tourists. I’m headed to Singapore in a food months. I’ll be sure to divulge into the food scene.

  • Personally I think Malaysia deserve a place in any foodie’s travel bucket list! =)

  • Awesome post! I guess I better up my game and hurry over to Singapore and Tanzania!

  • I would say although I agree with most of your opinions, I also agree with Koen on New Zealand maybe at the top for landscapes and I believe Philippines would be the best places for exotic tourism! Tanzania is on my bucket list :)

  • Great post! Definitely agree that Norway is a good place for landscape lovers – such a beautiful country!