The Living Museum of Porcelain in Cmielow, Southern Poland, is definitely one of the most interesting museums I’ve visited recently. While it seems that hardly any modern museum is nowadays complete without multimedia exhibitions, here you’ve got a proof that a good guide and a good story are enough to keep the audience interesting. And you can touch and try everything – that’s fun as well!

There’s a film at the beginning explaining the story of how hand-made porcelain is created and it’s played in a pretty unusual place: an inside of the old furnace! However, the real fun starts later on when you listen and watch a guide explaining every step of how cups and figures are made up – then you can touch, you can fill the mold with a special liquid or try to polish a raw figure. Or you can even touch something harder to see how easily a product can be destroyed.

I’d love to go there again, but this time to participate in a workshop that allows everybody to make their own ‘art’ – that must be fun!

Here’s what I saw:

Here we go: how and how long? The start of the creative process.

A figure is not ideal at first – it’s rough and uneven and you need to work on it to make it look better and smooth.

You can’t be always successful. To tell you the truth, I was surprised to find out how much of the products are wasted in the process because something goes wrong. There were examples what might go wrong – and there’s a lot that might!

Is it real porcelain? If you are not sure if it’s porcelain or ceramic use light to find out! Porcelain is to a certain degree transluscent.

Each thing here is hand-made (There’s another factory nearby where things are mass-produced) so all the workers are in fact artists!

Don’t forget to have a closer look at the exhibition in a separate room to find out about the history of object and of porcelain fashions in general. Listen carefully to the guides – they’ve got some nice stores to tell!

If you ever happen to be near Sandomierz in southern Poland, do visit this place! 

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  • Looks very interesting, especially like the yellow cup. There’s a thing about Poland and interactive museums that are also teaching you how things are done. I loved the gingerbread making museum in Torun and should have probably visited the croissant museum in Poznan as well.

    • I haven’t been to either museum yet, but I’ll definitely visit them one day as they are the kinds of museum I like most :)

  • This looks like a nice place to visit. I always like going into little artisen places like a porcelain factory, glass blowing studio, candle making.. So interesting to watch others create artwork!

  • Such a cool museum, I love the less than usual ones. I had no idea porcelain is translucent, now I want to go to my grandma’s house and see if all her items are porcelain or not, haha. I want to go back to Poland one day, as it’s such a beautiful country, maybe I’ll stop by Cmielow as well :)

  • This is absolutely interesting! I never made porcelain before but I have painted one when I used to do a lot of art.

  • Lara Dunning

    I would totally love to visit this museum. I really like how hands on it is.

  • Earth’s Attractions

    This Living Museum of Porcelain looks pretty impressive. I’d definitely visit it! I am sure all the discoveries there make you appreciate more a porcelain piece. And they all look so beautiful!

  • Sarah Ebner

    This sounds like a real gem of a museum to visit – very different, but fascinating.