I’ve been reading numerous travel summaries of 2014 and various New Year’s resolutions, and I started to ponder over different aspect of travelling but I’m not quite sure yet what my conclusions are, or, ever if I’ve managed to draw any conclusions at all.
I’m not going to count kilometeres I travelled, the cities I visited or days I spent travelling – I’d need to find a calculator, and, besides, I’ve never ranked high when I tried to compare myself to the others. I travel too slow, I spend too many weekends on the sofa instead of trying to escape the city (well, not literally on the sofa, but you know what I mean).

So…what was 2014 like travel-wise?
1. One of my biggest travel dreams came true! – I visited Peru and Bolivia.
2. Once again I decided Spanish is one of the most beautiful languages ever and I’m never going to stop learning it.
3. I visited Bieszczady – a region in Poland that I’d desired to visit for many years before.
4. I relaxed at the end of the year in Berlin visiting one famous Christmas Markets.
5. I started a blog and didn’t give up after a month (I do consider it a success!)
6. I read quite a lot of different travel blog and was often surprised both in a very positive and negative way.
7. Once again I reached the conclusion that:
a) you shouldn’t listen to what other people think about your travelling, just travel, that’s all that matters, b) if you a short for time, read only (or mostly) positive things,
c) a two months’ trip is too long for me now.
d) less and less I know and care where I want to go next time, it’s only important that I go.

Plans for 2015:
1. January: Israel.
2. May weekend: Slovenia.
3. Holidays in… Oh no, I won’t tell you yet. I’ll wait till I buy a ticket and I know 100% where I’m going.
4. A weekend in Spain – I don’t know when, but I do need to go, because I’m fed up of always being the only person in a Spanish class who’s never been to Spain.
5. I’ll learn Spanish diligently to pass an exam the following year (I don’t really need any kind of exam, but I do need some exterior motivation).
6. I’ll go back to study one of the languages I’ve learnt before (don’t know which one though).
7. I’ll bring videos from the next trip, not just photos.
8. I’ll work on video editing a bit (if I manage to complete point 7.)
9. I’ll start preparing for my trips again – not itineraries, no, they’re not that important. What’s important is some deeper knowledge about history, culture and politics.
10. I’ll do my best to blog (quite) regularly.

Well, that’s all, I guess.
In January I’ll spend my time planning a holiday trip.
A week ago I complained that nobody wants to go with me, but it turned out that there’s something that always works: if nobody wants to go with you, keep repeating the name of the place over and over again anyway; after sometime they’ll get used to the sound of it and they might decide it’s not such a bad idea after all.