I love lists, series and counting rhymes.
I’ve already told you about my Travel Bucket List so it’s the high time to introduce the list that had been created much earlier: Reverse Travel Bucket List.

I’ve always written various dream lists, sometimes they were shorter, sometimes longer, they kept changing just like my interests and hobies did.
Once I sat down at my desk to write about the best travel experiences and realised that many of those great things would have never got onto my travel bucket list – I didn’t expect some places to be that good and some of the activities so exciting.
This is also the reason now why I don’t treat my Travel Bucket List too seriously, thinking that I’ll try to do what I’ve written down, but if I don’t it’ll be because there are so many other good experiences somewhere out there waiting for you.

Someone told my that my travel bucket list is kind of fancy and sophisticated and ‘Do you really think you’ll do all these things?’. Well, it might be true that I put down some goals which don’t seem to be very realistic, but I remember the time I started travelling very long time: I would have never thought I might visit the places I’ve visited so why not dream big?

Let’s start with the BIG number ONE: Learning to dive – activity that is sure to appear on countless list, yet it had never been on any of my lists for one very simple reason: I’m absolutely terrified of swimming. I’ve tried to overcome it over and over again, I used to go to the swimming pool regularly, in summer I’d try to swim off the shore a bit more, I even took up an extra swimming course. All in vain, I’m still scared.
I joined the diving course because the man advertising it was really persuasive, I was naive enough to think that once you put on the equipment you never take it off in water and mask is probably almost glued to your face. I didn’t also imagine that I’d have to jump off the boat (oh, how I hate it).
The first day of the course was not easy (to put it mildly), I swallowed too much water, I stressed out and I was absolutely exhausted. However, the moment I saw a ‘Finding Nemo‘ fish (clownfish) I knew I would definitely finish the course. I did, and I even saw a shark!
I wanted to admire underwater world so much that later on I did Advanced PADI course and now if I have a chance to dive during my holidays I do it. I absolutely love it. And I’m still afraid of swimming.


My very first shark – seen off Ko Tao in Thailand

  • Congratulations on conquering your fears! I bet you loved the underwater world once you were there? It’s not like swimming is it!

  • Oh I like the idea of a reversed Bucket list. I’m also not to stressed about my bucket list, because I’ve already seen beautiful places that haven’t been on the list. You can be very proud of yourself for finishing the course even if you are afraid of swimming! I’m sure it was a great experience :)

    • I found this idea of Reverse Bucket list somewhere on the Internet and I think it’s great.

  • I am proud of you that despite your fear of swimming you have accomplished this. You don’t need to be a swimmer to dive and yes, I enjoy diving more than swimming! :) Goodluck in your advance course…can’t wait to hear about it.

    • I did my advanced course – but that’s as far as I’m going to go :)

  • This post is personally inspiring. I’m afraid of swimming in the ocean. I do swim in pools. But, I prefer to stay on land…(read:boats aren’t my thing.) I can see how the fascination of the underwater world could be enough to distract my mind. You’ve shown how valuable it can be to overcome your fears. Thanks!

    • Boats are a kind of land for me (as long as I don’t touch water)

  • Very intriguing and inspiring.
    Keep dreaming as your dreams motivate you to achieve them.
    Dreams are not something that you see when you sleep…but dreams are something that dnt let you sleep.

  • The reverse travel list is a great way to look at things, and helpful to future travelers. Gratz on learning to dive, I have to admit Getting my PADI was something special for me as well and one of my best memories! keep on rockin :)

  • Dreaming big and creating a list has completely changed my life. Keep pushing the limits and dreaming about the impossible. Congratulations!

  • Mar

    I was quite scare too but then you realize that the worst that can happen is that you run out of air and simply go up. Needless to say, I never go down too deep…

  • Well done on diving, even though you are still not keen on swimming! Facing fears and overcoming them is hard to do.

    • Yes, I have to overcome my fears every time i go under water.

  • I really want to learn how to dive! I don’t mind swimming and snorkelling, so it’s the next step. Thumbs up!