If I hadn’t thrown away used notebooks, I guess I’d find many travel bucket lists scribbled down somewhere. They were short or long but all of them mentioned faraway well-known destinations that seemed totally inaccessible. I knew the names from the TV, some travel stories of my friends (not many), books, colourful magazines. I often wondered if any of those dreams would ever come true.

Once I believed that the dreams do come true, my list got longer, and I started added even more exotic and ‘strange’ names.

I realised that for me it’s often not enough to be, I want to do things, and then the list got even longer. Writing down the list of 100 was not an easy task – when I decided to do I thought although I’m happy wherever I go, not all of the places ‘can’ be on my list.

Many places were crossed out, then added again, to be crossed out later on… it took time but here it is!
Will I go everywhere? I might or I might not – it doesn’t bother me, what I like is having the list and the dreams!

“To acomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe”. Anatole France 

I want:

  1. walk around Spanish tapas bars
  2. take photos of cypresses in Tuscany
  3. see aurola borealis in Iceland
  4. go trekking in the Himalayas
  5. stand at the gates of hell in Turkmenistan
  6. take some tricky photos in Salar de Uyuni (Bolivia)
  7. enjoy the weekend in Dubrovnik
  8. walk in Kurt Wallender’s footsteps in Sweden
  9. walk up to the Machu Picchu (How I got there: HERE, what it was like once I got there HERE)
  10. see the whale sharks
  11. take a ride on a transsiberian railway
  12. walk along the Great China Wall
  13. visit Drakula’s castle in Romania
  14. drink tea in Iran
  15. get to Timbuktu in Mali
  16. stroll in the Welsh highlands
  17.  … and along the Irish cliffs
  18. visit a Scotish castle (and sleep there if possible)
  19. walk barefoot in the Sahara
  20. dive in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia
  21. talk English in Nigeria
  22. spend some days in Tibet
  23. see vanilla grow in Zanzibar
  24. sleep in a capsule hotel in Japan
  25. haggle over the price at the Maroccan market
  26. do nothing on a tropical island (Maldives, Seychelles, etc)
  27. see the Big Five in Africa
  28. stand eye to eye with the mountain gorillas in Ruanda
  29. learn tango in Argentina
  30. sail a yacht
  31. drive through some small American towns
  32. stand at the shore of Lake Baikal
  33. admire art at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg (Russia)
  34. communicate in China (in Chinese)
  35. wander around for a few days in Edinburgh
  36. visit Oman, the only country starting with letter ‘O’
  37. float in the Dead Sea in Israel
  38. see the lemurs of Madagascar
  39. walk the streets of Kabul (Afganistan)
  40. admire Petra (Jordan) – preferably at the dawn
  41. listen to music in Angola
  42. visit Ouagadougou – (I like the name) (Burkina Faso)
  43. buy something at the market in Kinshasa (Congo)
  44. sunbathe at a Croatian beach
  45. listen to jazz in New Orleans (USA)
  46. see Lac Abbe in the evening(Djibuti)
  47. take photos of Norwegian Lofoten islands
  48. relax for a week in an all-inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic
  49. travel in Egypt north to south (or the other way round)
  50. see a fish market in Finland
  51. bathe in Blue Lagoon in Iceland
  52. visit  Barobodur in Jawa
  53. go hiking in Bieszczady (Polish mountains)
  54. go to the Masurian district (Poland) – to recall my childchood summer camps
  55. ride a horse in Kirgyzstan
  56. sleep in a yurt in Mongolia
  57. chill out in Luang Prabang in Laos
  58. go trekking in Bhutan
  59. eat breakfast or lunch or dinner in Lebanon
  60. stroll the streets of Vilnius
  61. learn to ski in Austria (or somewhere else…)
  62. dive in Lake Malawi
  63. see the sands of Mauretania
  64. experience a Canadian winter
  65. visit every country in Europe
  66. take a walk in the Central Park (USA) in autumn
  67. travel in Norway in a camper van
  68. follow the footsteps of Nicolas Bouvier in Iran
  69. visit the Baltic capitals
  70. have fun with rays in Stingray City in the Caymans
  71. DRINK: whisky in Scotland
  72. sake in Japan
  73. yerba mate in Argentina
  74. coffee in Jamaica
  75. Guinness in Ireland
  76. bubble tea in Taiwan
  77. wines in Moldova
  78. tea in Sri Lanka
  79. vodka in Russia (I’ve already been to Russia, but then I was to young to drink vodka)
  80. EAT: sushi Japan
  81. cuy (guinea pig) in Peru
  82. cangaroo in Australia
  83. cupcake with a lot of cream in the USA
  84. pho soup in Vientam
  85. macaroons in France
  86. a steak in Argentina
  87. cookies in Amsterdam
  88. kimchi in South Corea
  89. dim sum in China
  90. tortilla de patatas in Spain
  91. tagine in Marocco
  92. meatballs in Sweden
  93. quinoa in Bolivia
  94. pancakes in Russia
  95. New York cheesecake in New York
  96. churros in Spain
  97. dal in Bangladesh
  98. maple syrup in Canada
  99. mango in the Philippines
  100. something/whatever/ a lot of it in Singapore (one more time)


  • Very nice and interesting bucket list! I have to write up mine ;) Good luck with them!

  • That’s a long list, good luck with achieving all your dreams. Mine isn’t so structured, not written in a notebook but still there and I have ticked many and hope many more to come. Funny to see so many of yours are also around tasting the world – it’s always so different enjoying the cuisine in its home country, and the variations around the country.,

  • What a fab bucket list! You’ve come up with some really cool ideas. I may have to steal them and update my own list!

  • Punita Malhotra

    That is whole lot of varied experiences on your bucket list. Have you got a timeline to them as well? Hope you have the best time ticking them off.

  • Great that you could scratch out some of them. Good luck with the rest of them.
    I too need to prepare a list, I may not have 100 though.

  • Melody Pittman

    Cool list that should keep you very busy for the rest of your days. My favorite is taking a ride on the TransSiberian Railroad. That would be my bucket list. ;)

  • Chrysoula Manika

    That it is a nice list. I would love to do some myself. I find it very difficult to write down mine.

  • You are absolutely right . One can’t visit all the places on earth. I have been to many countries but am yet to explore India itself fully. I do have list of places I want to visit but it keeps changing every few months and mostly it keeps growing!

  • great list, I may copy some ideas to my bucket list :) Good luck and I hope you’ll manage to complete and tick off all of the activities

  • Lillie

    What a lovely list. The ones that most tug at my wanderlust are “See Vanilla Grow” and Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. Very satisfying to see these checked off!

  • Erika Bisbocci

    So many of these places and experiences are on my list too! I’ve done a few (Draculas castle, haggling in Morocco, visiting Tibet) but I’d love to ride horses in Kyrgyzstan and stay in yurts in Mongolia!