Time has come to write about what I’m going to do this holiday.

My holiday destinations have changed over the years just like my interests and finances have changed. First it was Poland, my homeland, then Europe, and then I ventured further away – it’s been 10 years this year since I felt scared packing my backpack to go ‘somewhere far away.’


The world has become smaller, more accessible, easier to understand at times, while difficult to comprehend other times. I wanted to go far, looking for something that I didn’t know, for some other exotic worlds. And I did find them. But after some time the word become more familiar, and more often than not I would notice similarities rather than differences – and this is what I find the most educative about my travels.

I thought that if I saw more I would know better what I preferred most, but the more places I visited the more places I like. I enjoyed cold and severe landscapes of Norway, bustling and crowded Bolivian markets, white-sand Caribbean beaches and beautiful Andean peaks. I can’t eve decide what I like more: travelling through a country where I understand the language and I can have meaningful conversations or places where I find it difficult to communicate and I treat each conversation as a small success.

Norwegia DSC01436

For years I’ve heard that I go to places that are considered strange and dangerous, and every time I went there, they turned out to be completely normal, nothing strange or dangerous about them. Whether it’s the matter of the travel experience I’ve gained or not, I find it difficult to say.

Last year I decided there’s something I miss in my travels – freedom you get when you go in your own car. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a car. That problem could’ve been solved somehow, but to make the matters worse, I didn’t have a driving licence either. I think it’s best to solve the problems whenever you can, so the moment I unpacked my last suitcase, I enrolled for a course, took the exam and then bought a car. I was surprised how easy and straightforward it turned out to be.

“Are you going to travel in the country now?” – my friends keep asking and I hesitate. On one hand this is exactly what I want, finally, after the years of distant travels, I want to travel more in my country. However, I feel the urge to go somewhere far, just as I always did for the last years. It doesn’t really matter where, just go somwhere.

“Without a plan? No reservations? Where are you going to sleep?” – these are the questions that follow and they say I can’t. Too many our own tourists to find something without problems. But this is what I’m used to do: plan at breakfast and then go.

“Don’t go abroad, you have no experience, it’s too dangerous, first try somewhere close.” – I hear and I have a strange déjà vu – this is exactly what I heard when I before I went to Asia, or Africa or South America. Conclusion? Wherever you go and whatever you do there are people who will advise you against. Ignore them.


Where am I going?
I don’t know.
I have no plans.
It’s the first time in many years that I have no plans.

What’s surprising about the situation is that although I lack the plans I have a strong feeling that my holidays are going to be great. Whatever I do I’ll enjoy them. I might around my country, I might go abroad by car. I might fly somewhere.
Right now I enjoy playing with google maps checking the distances between the places I might visit.
I also keep checking the airfares – the flights to Trinidad and Tobago are cheaper now than two weeks ago. Not that it’s the place I’m going to visit – I know next to nothing about it – but I’ve always been fascinated by countries with long names.

Summing up: I’m going to spend my holidays without any plans.

  • Blissmersion

    Yes go to Trinidad and Tobago and tell us all about it! I’m curious! It sounds both frightening and exhilarating to have no travel plans and yet know you are traveling.

  • Sometimes it’s a nice change to not have any travel plans. It never goes that way for me, though lol.

  • Sometimes no plans are the best plans! PS Your photos are amazing!

  • Holly

    It is cool to do different things and have no real plans sometimes.

  • Natalie Tanner

    What a great post. Sometimes I plan a trip, and we always take the kids, and we hear things like you mentioned, “You are going THERE?? Aren’t you afraid?” and so on. Turkey was the most recent and when we got there it was a wonderful and normal and fantastic as we hoped.

  • I’m learning to be a lot more spontaneous with my trips. Having no plans feels so free. I haven’t been to Trinidad but my friends rave about it. Who can resist fun in the sun at an affordable flight price.