A visit to Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt flat in the world, wouldn’t be complete without taking some trick photos. Taking pictures there is fascinating, engaging, funny and… not easy at all!
It’s white so your eyes get sore without sunglasses.
With sunglasses on you cannot see the settings well.
It’s COLD.
The salt surface is rough, and after you go up and down, up and down several times, your skin starts itching even through your jeans.
You take a shot, wrong! Move a bit further, to the left, a bit more, more. No, too much now, to the right now, alright, well, no, again…
The time flies and when you finally hear it’s over and it’s time to go you ask, “Really? Now? Is it really time to go?” with disappointment you’re not even trying to hide.

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