Even if you’re not a very religious person, the very first and most obvious reason for visiting Bethlehem is the Church of the Nativity. However, once you see the place where Jesus was born it’s worth walking away from the centre and strolling along the Separation Wall in the search of Banksy’s art.

Banksy, an anonymous street-art artist from Bristol (England) who’s world-famous for his works that  comment on social and political events visited the West Bank of Jordan in 2005 and 2007 and left nine pieces of work.

During my brief visit in Bethlehem I photographed only three of them:
1. The girl frisking a soldier (located on the wall next to the Intercontinental Hotel),
2. The armoured dove (close to Palestine Heritage Center),
3. The girl with the balloons (opposite the Banksy shop selling posters, magnets, mugs and t-shirts).

How to get there?
From Jerusalem at the Damascus Gate station take bus 21 (8 shekels) that goes inside the city of Bethlehem or any other bus to the checkpoint for 5,50 shekels if you want to start with a walk along the wall.
From the center of Bethlehem you can walk up if you have a time or take a taxi for 40 shekels (for two people, return to the centre included) if you don’t have time (we didn’t). Be careful – the first prices for a taxi ride you’ll hear might be about 100 shekels.