Isla del Sol (Island of the Sun) – is a rocky, hilly island on the Titicaca Lake in Bolivia – the birthplace of sun in Inca mythology, this is where the bearded god Viracocha emerged from the water of the lake.

There are many small villages on the island but the largest ones are Yumani (in the south) and Cha’llapampa (in the north). A ferry from Copacabana takes around 1,5h to get o Yumani. If you come for one night only and you’re going to stay in Yumani (and if you take 1.30p.m. ferry it might be your only option) leave your luggage at a travel agency in Copacapane – it a really steep climb from the harbour (3800m) to your hotel (at around 4000m) – just look at the second photo in the gallery: how small the port seems to be when you look down at it.
The highest point is 4100m.It’s really cold at night in July (it was so cold that we didn’t dare use the shower).

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  • Gorgeous pictures. How interesting to see the place through your perspective. Would love to visit the area, it looks so rich in history. Cheers!