A true challenge would be to pack for a trip leaving all your electronic stuff behind. It might be possible, but I must admit I find it hard to believe there were times when I wouldn’t take my phone (simply because there were no mobile phones) or when my camera needed regular batteries (or no batteries at all because with film cameras it was possible to roll the film mechanically).

Leaving home this time I checked my passport, money and credit and debit cards, and then, of course, I double checked all my electronic devices and chargers.

So this is what I’m carrying aroud:
– a tablet and a charger
– a phone and a charger (a tablet charger would do, but I usually charge them simultaneously)
– a camera and a wire to charge it (there was no external charger in the set)
– a power bank (in case my camera’s battery runs out – that’d be a disaster)
– an ipod and a wire – a kindle (great device if you’re about to spend over 20h on a plane or a bus)
– a small, portable mini disc to store my photos
– an adapter in case sockets differ
– a small power board (just like there’s never enough hangers in small hotels, there’s never enough sockets, either)

I should have weighed it at home, I guess I’ll do it when I get back because I’m really curious. Meanwhile in Madrid, a lady scanning my carry-on luggage and asked, “Do you have any cables?”, so I took out a small bag packed with cables. Because, yes, I carry it around with me, what if my main luggage got lost?

(The above text was written at the airport in Madrid, at a power station, June 2014)