I’ve been living in this neighbourhood for a long time time. And as long I’ve been making excuses for not taking photo walks around: weather, work, lack of time or my dislike for urban photography (just as much as I like living in a city, I dislike taking photos of it).

For years my area has been known to be the place where you better watch where you walk and some people think it is still true, but I tend to disagree. A lot has changed – houses are renovated, small restaurants and cafes pop up and people seem to care more.
książka - secesjaI had a look at a new edition of “Art Nouveau in Poznań” with all the beautiful pictures and maps and I thought it would be great to have a walk around.
Not only people make the history of the city. The history hidden in everything that surrounds you when you walk around with your head up. Beautiful old tenant houses, delicately sculptured balconies, amazing moldings full of flowers and leaves making up for comlex compositions – this is the art nouveau we want to save. This book (…) is an invitation to follow the footsteps of art nouveau in Poznań.(text on the bookcover)



So, I accepted the authors’ invitation and started a walk in my favourite neighbourhood. These are the places I pass on my way almost everyday – when I go for shopping, park a car, or visit an office.


There’s an office in on of the building that I sometimes had to visit and I never liked it. Then I didn’t pay any attention to the decorated interior – who would?
I hardly every see the interiors of the neighbouring old houses and this was the reason to go inside.


It’s enough to walk along just one street and you see many examples of art nouveau.

As I said before, the area has changed a lot in recent years, still, there are many dilapidated buildings that wait to be renovated.


This is just a part of my hood. And a very small part of what was presented in the book so I hope to read more and walk more soon.

  • Gorgeous – and not really what I expect in poland!

  • Curb Free with Cory Lee

    Wow, you’re lucky to live in such a beautiful area. Gorgeous photos!!

  • Ah, when the nostalgia hits you! I spent half a year on Erasmus in Poznan and absolutely loved it. Of course there were times when I felt it is too snowy, too cold or too small, but it happens with my home country as well. There are so many beautiful buildings, even the neighborhoods that are not in the center are lovely in their own way. Would love to see more posts from you about Poznan and Poland.
    Liked your page on facebook to follow your adventures :)

    • I’m happy you had great time in Poznań :)
      As for snow, I always complain there’s not enough snow in winter here, we used to have much better winters in Poland, with much more snow – and this is what I miss :)

      • Haha yes, I’ve heard that but it was enough for me. Winters in Bulgaria are pretty much the same it just gets darker a bit later. I didn’t have the chance to see the city in the summer so I will have to go back!

  • Marlene Marques

    It’s so crazy when we have such incredible art right next to us and never notice. Nice pictures!

  • I’m glad you took the time to actually wander around noticing these beautiful old buildings. It’s funny how we can overlook them for so long when we’re caught up in the business of everyday life! Great shots too.

  • Cristina Cristina

    I went to Poland once but did’t get to see much of it. I hope to go back one day. It looks interesting.

  • Earth’s Attractions

    It’s so lovely when locals (or people who know well a city) show you hidden gems and point out details/sculptures that you wouldn’t normally notice. Great photos and places to discover in Poznan!

  • Global Brunch

    It’s so much fun to take the time and discover new aspects of the neighborhood where you live. Sounds like the book gave you an inspiration for a wonderful walk!

  • Scoping out unique art and architecture are my favorite part of visiting a new city!

  • Antonette Spaan

    I’ve not been to Poznan but have to many other cities in Poland and loved every one of them, I’m sure I’d love Poznan too. If I can find a good deal on getting there, I hope to make it one day!

  • Passports & Pigtails

    I can appreciate any writer who finds new beauty within their own city. You’ve captured your appreciation so well, the buildings are gorgeous!