It’s all about little things. Little things that make your travelling good.

Some might like nature, others say people are the most important, and there are also those who are fond of sightseeing, history and culture. Everybody likes what they like and they look for that in their travels.

I’m no different. I have my favourite ways of spending my holidays and there are things or places that I try to avoid. However, every day, even if nothing big happens, there are dozens little things that make me a happy traveller. Here are some of them.

I feel good…

  1. when I wake up in the morning and I realize it’s holiday
  2. when the bus seat next to me is not occupied
  3. when I get off a plane after a long-haul flight
  4. when discussing the taxi price is not the first thing I need to do at the airport
  5. when I choose beautiful postcards to send
  6. when someone tells me they got my postcards
  7. when I meet a nice fellow countryman
  8. when I can buy a ticket without any problems even though I don’t understand the local language
  9. when I meet someone who knows a lot about my country
  10. when I meet someone who knows anything about my country
  11. when I meet someone who can speak a few words in my language
  12. when my bad has a hard matress
  13. when there’s a hammock on the veranda or in the garden
  14. when I have an amazing view out of my sindow
  15. when I get a lower bunk bed in a dormitory
  16. when my backpack weighs less than 10 kilos
  17. when I manage to get a window seat on a bus
  18. when I buy a nice pencil with a local sign on
  19. when I bargain successfully
  20. when someone wants to help me when I’m lost
  21. when a find a product produced in my country in a local shop
  22. when I listen to a catchy local song
  23. when I come across a good restaurant
  24. when I buy good food on a street stall
  25. when I’m outside the city and I stare at the stars
  26. when I look down on the city from the highest floor of the building
  27. when I drink tasty local beer (or wine)
  28. when I learn how to cook a dish
  29. when I learn new words in a local language
  30. when I find a place to dry when I’m completely soaked
  31. when someone offers hot tea
  32. when children pose for my photos
  33. when seawater is warm
  34. when I take a long walk along the beach
  35. when the Internet is not working and everybody is just talking
  36. when after a long trek I put down my backpack and take off my shoes
  37. when breakfast is included in the room price
  38. when there’s a strong fan in the room and I don’t need to swit the air-con on
  39. when I have a stopover and there’s free wi-fi at the airport
  40. when somoeone agrees when I want to take a photo of them
  41. when I wake up in the morning and have no plans
  42. when my trip finishes and I haven’t spent all my money
  43. when I sit with someone in silence
  44. when a stranger helps me in a new place
  45. when everything smells after the rain
  46. when it’s a rainy season and the downpour has just stopped
  47. when someone asks me to have a photo with them
  48. when I take a cold shower when it’s hot outside
  49. when I rent a room in a beach house
  50. when there’s a beautiful sunset
  51. when after a long wait a bus or train arrives
  52. when I hear waves breaking through my window
  53. when a plane takes off
  54. when something is cheaper than I expected
  55. when I collect clean and ironed laundry
  56. when I don’t put on my make up in the morning
  57. when I start my day standing on the beach
  58. when there’s no electricity and I feel good doing nothing
  59. when I get on an air-con bus when it’s extremely hot
  60. when I bathe in a lake during the night
  61. when my cosmetics end on the last day of travel
  62. when I write down a new address in my diary
  63. when someone wishes my a good trip
  64. when I try new flavour of crisps
  65. when I take a perfect photo
  66. when a driver tells me where I should get off
  67. when I find an ideal gift for my friend at the local market
  68. when mosquitoes don’t bite
  69. when I find something I thought I’d lost at the bottom of my backpack
  70. when I wait for a freshly-squeezed juice
  71. when I learn about a local artists that I like
  72. when I cross a border without any problems
  73. when someone invites me to their home and walks me around
  74. when I don’t have to wait long for my dinner
  75. when I go into a clean toilet
  76. when I try out a new dish
  77. when I sit with at a table with people whose language I don’t understand
  78. when I easily find a hotel in a new town
  79. when I get to the surface after a dive
  80. when I walk up the long stairs and finally get to the top
  81. when I learn something new
  82. when an intensive day finishes
  83. when I meet again someone I met before
  84. when there is a good audioguide in a museum
  85. when the sky is clear blue when I plan on taking photos
  86. when at the airport check-in I find out that my luggage is the lightest
  87. when a typical conversation with a stranger turns into a long, fascinating discussion
  88. when I get back home after a trip

And what makes you a happy traveller?

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  • Lois Alter Mark

    I am so with you on these! It’s amazing how any one of these simple things can put a big smile on your face!

  • I love all of these reasons – my favorites are not wearing make up, clear blue skies for photos and a clean toilet!!

  • So many good reasons to be happy travelling and most of these apply to me too. Great street food and a lovely sunset would make it high on my list

  • Ah so many of these make me so happy too.
    4. when discussing the taxi price is not the first thing I need to do at the airport – makes such a difference just having a ride sorted. That and knowing where you are going. There is nothing worse than landing and then searching for somewhere to stay.

  • When I wake up knowing I don’t have to go to work….

  • Aaaw such a beautiful post. There is so often happiness in small things and you have the talent to see it, I think that’s a gift. Whats makes me happy? A perfect beach with white sand, turquouise waters and loads of coconut trees. Oh yes, coconuts. Another thing that makes me happy: A fresh coconut, just picked from the tree. Keep writing more beautiful stories like this ;)

  • Great list. For me I would add having a plate of fresh fruit for breakfast just outside my room while watching the morning tide come into the beach.

  • Mags

    I love it! It’s so important to remember the little moments that make up life.

  • A lot of these reason resonate strongly with me especially number 3. Being Australian nearly every flight is long and finally getting off the plane is amazing.

  • Beautifully written! I love waking up thinking what exciting things I’m going to be exploring and discovering :)

  • Vyjay Rao

    Wow! thats a long list, and I agree that we need to look for happiness in everything while traveling. The top for me is when i find the hotel I have booked coming up to expectations.

  • Janna C.

    What a great list! It’s always nice to stay positive and remember to be thankful for both the big and small things that happen to us during our travels.

  • mark and kate

    This is a long list! I, however, agree with most of them, especially the ones about finding food, cosmetics, clothes, and lodging. There are really some simple pleasures in life that sometimes you have to do without during travel.

  • All of these are good! The small things can really make a travel experience a very memorable one- fun post.

  • Haha, I was earnestly nodding along to every one of them! Nice job on reminding everyone to take note of the little things, they really do matter.

  • I love this. It definitely inspires me to make a list of my own. I love 49 & 50. Think they’d go together well. And I’ve just started diving so 79 is a great one too. Thanks for the travel inspiration.