We, travellers, are surrounded by the multitude of travel quotes – most of them motivational ones and you probably know many, as they are repeated over and over again.

Today, a few quotes that are less known, but they perfectly describe the way I travel.

quote 1

Have you ever thought about it? Have you ever admired a foreign place saying it’s so much better than your home? Everyday life gets boring and we’re trying to run away.
But are those faraway places really better? Well, they are definitely different, but they attractiveness is caused by novelty and surprise.
I do like coming back home, but I can only appreciate it fully when I’m away.

quote 2


We could talk about stereotypes here, about the most typical types of travellers and tourists. Travellers as people who try to understand other cultures and local inhabitants, and tourists who stay in tourist ghettos afraid of what is beyond.
It’s oversimplification, I know, because those travelling independently are often more tourists than travellers, and not every person who opts for package holiday is an unaware idiot as some well-experienced travellers like saying.

Travelling has taught me a lot, I began paying attention to things I was unaware of, and my understanding of the world has changed a lot.
Still, I often see how some people return home full of disprespect to other cultures and customs, and look down on others even more than before. Then, I often wonder: did we really return from the same country?

quote 3

That’s why I visit the places I visit! I love uncertainty and a bit of insecurity! I’ve been told many times I should try to explore my country more before I decide to travel to distant and exotic places. Every time I say I love my country and travelling in Poland gives me a lot of pleasure, but the lack of control and disorientation is what I like on holidays and I cannot really experience it travelling in my own familiar surroundings.

quote 4

Sometimes other people are surprised that I don’t mind lying on the beach, visiting museums, wandering around, visiting a place of little importance – anything that might be considered boring.
It all depends on your attitude. Your attitude and the lack of expectations that everything needs to be the best, that something must be going on. Pleasure comes from moving, continuing up and down the road, observing, not just ticking important sights off your list.

quote 5

I consider boredom a part of slow travel idea. I don’t find boredom bad – for me it’s just stopping for a moment, observing, being amused at the world and to do that I can’t hurry.
Boredom is the reason why I like travelling idependently – nobody rushes me, forces me to see this or that or becomes impatient with me lagging behind.
There are times when I say I’m never bored, and it’s because I always do something – be it relaxing or thinking – some might consider it doing nothing, not me. For me it’s an enjoyable part of everyday life.

So, these are the quotes that describe how I travel.
Do you find yourself in any of them?


  • I like these! I also included a few lesser-known quotes that particularly resonate with me on my website. Personally, I’m really bored with everyone repeating the same 4 or 5 travel quotes all the time, it’s so unoriginal at this point!

  • You’re right, although I guess the most common ones probably appeal to people the most :)

  • I love these! Particularly the one about deriving pleasure from a destination because of your mindset. That’s my travelling motto! I can’t say that I loved everywhere I’ve visited but I can definitely say I haven’t hated anywhere either. Everywhere has something to offer if you’re willing and open to receive it! Great post!

    • That’s true – you need to go with the open mind to appreciate also small things!

  • Interesting quotes. People have very different approaches to travel. I can’t relate to all your quotes, but to one of them in particular I do. I have a tendency of liking some places I see so much that I’d love to move there right away. But then I realize that too many criteria would have to be met in order for that place to be perfect for me. And so I go back home and tell myself that where I am it’s probably the best place to live.

  • Great quotes and a unique way to share them. I really enjoyed your comments and discovering a few new wordsmiths.

  • Jenni Sheldon

    I love these quotes very inspirational. I particularly like the Joe Abercrombie one I would like to think I was wise lol.

  • Katie Dundas

    Great inspiration, thank you! Definitely can relate, esp to the second quote- you always come back wiser and more knowledgeable after traveling, no matter where you go.

  • Kenny T.K. Chow

    Interesting post and I like the Michael Mewshaw’s quote. For me, travelling makes me think and inspire me in different ways. I learned a lot in the process, too! @ knycx.journeying

  • Great quotes, I can relate to the one by Alain de Botton, I feel like two people could travel to a destination at the same time and still have completely different experiences, based solely on their expectations and what they were hoping to find.

  • some great quotes here travel truly is inspiring for making quotes. What i dont like is when quotes try and distinguish betreen travellers and people on vacation. In the end we are all getting out there to see new things and that inspires wanderlust in us all