Some of you know me, some of you will know me better after reading it:

  • I don’t like planning – an ideal trip is the one where you take decisions as the time goes by.
  • I love crime ficton more than travel fiction.
  • I’ve read crime fiction of 25 countries (and counting).
  • I do my best to limit the weight of my backpack – sometimes I weigh clothes to check which black T-shirt is a lighter one. I do like black T-shirts.
  • I love being a tourist sometimes and enjoy listening to a guide or lying on a beach.
  • The country that I’ve read a lot about and which I’d love to visit is Afganistan (Now I’m listening to audiobook Places in Between by Rory Steward).

afganistan you never see

Above: One of my favourites Instagram accounts: Afganistan you never see

  • at times I love getting lost. And that’s a good thing after all, considering that I often do even if I don’t want to.
  • I keep sending postcards from my travels.
  • I did the driving license and bought a car only because the lack of them became a hindrance to my travels.
  • I love cats, but have no animals as my trips are usually too long.
  • If I travel alone I avoid big cities because I feel lonely there.
  • Sometimes I like the days when nothing is going on – it teaches you patience and appreciation of little things.
  • I usually have my nails painted red when I go on holiday.
  • I always read a manual (of a camera) or regulations (insurance) – I might forget half of it, but will read it anyway.
  • I love being in places where I can’t understand the language. It’s a lot of fun (as long as you don’t need to buy a bus ticket).
  • It’s not true I don’t get stressed – I might have problems sleeping before a trip or I imagine several black scenarios in my head.
  • I curious enough to try any dish – even if it seems disgusting or I’m sure I’m not going to like it.
  • I don’t like learning languages, I like knowing them, so I grit my teeth and learn.
  • I’m afraid of swimming (swim only in a pool, no lakes or rivers for me), yet, I love diving.


The diver on the left is me during my PADI Advanced course – many years have passed and I still don’t have an underwater camera – time to think about it. 

  • I’m always surprised when someone calls me an experienced traveller – I feel like looking around to check who they are talkinga about – it can’t be about me, can it?
  • I’m an introvert and sometimes I get really tired meeting many people while travelling.
  • I never leave for holiday without packing my e-reader. When my kindle broke, I bought a new one immediately.
  • I don’t like window seats and always ask for aisle ones.
  • The most stressful holidays in my life? When, still being a newbie driver I decided to travel alone around my own country (far away destination are a piece of cake, comparing with it) – that was 5500 km of stress.

Cover photo by Kinga of Floating my boat

 Travelling round my own country was fun:


  • It’s so interesting to list down all the little things about yourself. And it actually helps you to understand yourself more. Agree?

  • It’s nice to get to know you more, Amused Observer. I also like the aisle seat more, easier to get up and stretch and go to the bathroom. Food is my favorite reason to travel and so like you, will try all food, even if it sounds or looks awful.

  • It looks like we have quite a lot in common! I also don’t like over-planning, prefer crime fiction, love the aisle seat, and read the manuals!! I’m a big fan of road trips – it’s my most common way of travelling in Australia – but I can’t imagine a 5500 km solo road trip just after I got my license. That’s brave!!

    • I hope for a road trip in Australia some day in the future – then I’ll definitely have more experience :)

  • Kenny T.K. Chow

    Great that you have a clear and nice knowledge of yourself, and somehow we are so different with each other! :D
    For one, I don’t care how much my luggage weight….. and I don’t understand why so many people obsess (and use so much time worrying) about packing at all. @ knycx.journeying

    • you must be a strong person if you don’t care about the weight of your luggage ;)

  • Carol

    Nice to know you. Must be a fun person!